Crest Prime

I’m standing at the ruins of an old roof top elementary school on planet Crest Prime, the year is 4793E. I’ve travelled 42 million light yearsE (~31.6 million light yearsCP) to visit this once mega city, Cristal, on the sixtieth anniversary of The Bang. The Bang, as it’s called, was a double solar flare, ejected simultaneously from each of the planets two suns. I remember the day six decades ago when the 12 billion people inhabiting this planet were nearly wiped out. I can feel the wind on top of the 180 story building just as it was that day. I jumped off my favorite swing and stood watching as the air shuttle fell from the sky coming straight at us. I remember an urgent sense of fear rushing throughout my body knowing there is nothing I can do to stop it. The shuttle is on an out of control approach, its pulsed terrestrial jet engines curiously quiet, just over the top of the spaceway which runs dangerously close to the elementary school, too close for any parents’ comfort. And then it happens. The shuttle smashes into the spaceway ripping it to shreds as pieces go flying all over the schoolyard. Children are running with nowhere to go, nowhere to escape the carnage. The shuttle slams into the rooftop and comes to a screeching halt, engulfed in fire. The schoolyard is destroyed, my friends lie motionless. I’m all alone.


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