Afghanistan: CRC for the contractor

I just got back from CRC again, this time for Afghanistan. If you haven’t read my previous post for when I went to Iraq you can read it here: Very little has changed since the last time I went. Now if you need shots they send you off post to a clinic where you’ll have to pay to get your shots. This only applies to contractors who are not on active duty (all of us?), aren’t retired, and aren’t a military dependents.

This time I stayed in the barracks and did not have my own rental car. I was with six other people and we all shared a 12 pac van. I was also TDY and return (not taking a SAAM flight overseas/the unit we’re supporting is providing transportation).

As far as training goes, this time I did do ALL of the training before getting to CRC. If you have an AKO account, you can find SERE training here: The course title is “SERE 100 Code of Conduct Training Course.”

That’s pretty much it. Again, I highly recommend reading my previous post here: